How to Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend

draft_lens1845460_sadIf you’re anything like me, you’ve been in a situation where you were in love with a man who decided he wasn’t in love with you. At the time I felt as though I was losing the love of my life. In that instant, when he broke up with me, I was certain I’d never get over him.

Loving someone deeply and then seeing that relationship come to an end is very hard.For me, it was with a boyfriend of three years. We lived together, we spent all our evenings together, we vacationed together and we planned on marrying and having a family together.When he told me it was over, all those dreams suddenly vanished. I literally felt as though it was a substantial effort to do anything – from getting out of bed in the morning to trying to work. This went on for weeks. I lost weight, I was constantly tired and I really felt as though I could feel my heart aching.

I didn’t know how to move forward on my own. Even when I heard he was dating another woman, I still couldn’t see a way out of my pain.

I wanted to get over him, I just didn’t know how to do it. That is until I found help.

If you’re stuck in the pain of a break up with an ex boyfriend, like I was, there is help for you too. It worked for me. It was what I need to finally start living my life again.

Mistakes Most of Us Make When We’re Trying to Mend a Broken Heart

A List of Do-Not-Dos

If you are facing your first broken heart it’s difficult to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing to get over the pain. Like many women I learned the hard way that some of what I was instinctively doing after my boyfriend broke up with me was draft_lens1845460module8181540photo_comfortingactually causing me even more pain. Here’s a list of things I discovered that it’s best to avoid if you truly feel that you want to get over the break up with your ex:

Don’t hold onto pictures of him. If you have a framed picture of him or the two of you together that you keep looking at, throw it out. This is going to be a hard step to take, but it’s necessary if you want to move on. If you don’t feel you can do it, ask a good friend or your room mate to handle it for you.

Don’t keep any mementos from your broken relationship. If he gave you anything, toss it. If you’re not ready to throw those things out, put them in a box and give them to someone else to keep for you for now. You don’t want to have the option of looking at anything that reminds you of him again.

Don’t call or contact him. This can be incredibly difficult but it’s very important. Calling, texting or emailing him will only reopen any wounds you are trying to heal. You will hear his voice and you’ll immediately feel sorrow again. Do everything in your power to stay out of his life.

Don’t tell your friends you are okay if you’re not. If you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen, call a friend. Friends can be such an amazing support during a break up. Other women can be a tremendous help. Take advantage of your friends during this difficult time.

There are ways you can get over the pain of a break up and start living your life again. Find out how to do that now.

Things You’re Likely to Feel After the Break Up

What to Expect

Immediately after my ex boyfriend told me that he wanted our relationship to be over, I can remember just feeling as though I was in shock. Just days before everything had felt so perfect and so ideal. We had even recently discussed what type of draft_lens1845460module8181542photo_angry_womanwedding we’d like and who we would invite. The shock changed to other emotions, some I expected, others I hadn’t. Although every woman is unique, these are some of the things you may find yourself feeling when you are faced with the ending of an important love relationship:

Hurt. The pain you feel after a break up can be both emotional and physical. I literally felt ill after my relationship ended. Every part of my body ached. The emotional pain was very intense. Like many women, I cried until I was too exhausted to cry any longer.

Anger. If you had a much different vision of the relationship than your ex boyfriend and you didn’t see the break up brewing, you likely feel very angry. Many times, when we feel deeply hurt, we feel angry. You may want to lash out at him or take revenge. Don’t. The anger is normal, and that feeling of rage will pass.

Rejection. Any time someone we love and desire turns us down, we feel a sense of rejection. If it’s the man that you had spent a lot of time with, that feeling of being rejected will be even more profound. Don’t let those feelings shift into inadequacy. Even though your boyfriend may no longer desire you, this does not make you inadequate at all.

Loneliness. When you spend almost all your free time with someone and that is suddenly taken away, you are bound to feel alone. The sorrow that sets in after a break-up can heighten the sense of loneliness. It’s a great idea to try and spend time with others including your family and friends.

If you are ready to move forward after your relationship has ended, there is a way for you to do that now. Don’t waste another moment of your life feeling the pain of your break-up. Change your life today.

The Break Up Cleanse

Stop Wasting Your Life – Get Over Him Now

In many respects my life came to a standstill when my long-term relationship ended. I felt as though my life was in limbo. A big part of that was my inability to accept that things were actually over. This went on for months and impacted everything from my relationship with friends to my job.

I knew I had to make a change. Friends and co-workers would tell me to seek therapy. Frankly I couldn’t afford it and I knew that the therapist would likely tell me it was time to just accept that he was gone, and that part of my life was over.

I decided to do some research on my own and stumbled across The Break Up Cleanse. It spoke to me instantly and I knew that I’d found the help I needed to put the break up behind me and finally move on with my life.

One of the hardest things for me was coming to terms with why the relationship ended. I knew what my boyfriend had told me – “It’s not you, it’s me” and “We can still be friends.” Deep down inside I knew there had to be more to it than that. There was.

Understanding what I could do right away to feel better was invaluable. I was tired of feeling so much pain.I wanted to find a way to get over the relationship, put it behind me and get to a point emotionally where I could love again.

If you are a woman, if the man you love left you and if you are in pain – this will help you. It helped me.

Don’t spend even one more minute in pain over the break up. You don’t have to continue to feel heartbroken – start being happy again now.

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